Over the weekend, a wide-ranging report from reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo offered new insight into upcoming Apple products we may see unveiled in 2019. One of the most interesting tidbits for pro users was a note about possible future MacBook Pro models with 16-inch to 16.5-inch displays.

Today’s MacBook Pro uses a design first introduced in 2016 when Apple unveiled the Touch Bar and replaced legacy connectors with USB-C ports. While the design isn’t yet in dire need of a refresh, Kuo expects a revision for 2019 in addition to other new pro-focused Mac hardware:

Perhaps most notable are Kuo’s claims about the Mac lineup. According to the analyst, Apple will release a new MacBook Pro between 16-inches and 16.5-inches with an all-new design. Further, Kuo says Apple will return to the display market with a 31.6-inch 6k3k monitor. This display is said to feature a Mini LED-like backlight design, giving it “outstanding picture quality.”

Additionally, Kuo adds that Apple will release a new Mac Pro with “easy to upgrade components” in 2019. He also says the 13-inch MacBook Pro “may” add a 32GB RAM option. Currently, the 13-inch MacBook Pro maxes out at 16GB of RAM, while the 15-inch does support 32GB.

So what could a new MacBook Pro look like? Since the 2017 introduction of the iPhone X, Apple has established a pattern of reducing bezel size and rounding display corners. Inspired by the minimal bezels found on the latest iPad Pro models, we’ve imagined how a next-generation MacBook Pro could look:

MacBook Edge-To-Edge Concept

MacBook Edge-To-Edge Concept

MacBook Edge-To-Edge Concept

By taking the MacBook Pro’s display edge-to-edge, Apple could retain an identical or nearly identical footprint to the current 15-inch model while still packing in more pixels. Today’s 15-inch MacBook Pro technically has a 15.4-inch viewing area, so making the jump to 16 inches without a noticeable change in device size isn’t out of the question.

Jonathan Morrison from TLD further discussed what he’d like to see in a new MacBook Pro:

Would you buy a MacBook Pro with an edge-to-edge display? What are your hopes for a redesign? Let us know in the comments.


Source: 9to5Mac