Wednesday, February 19, 2020
react native

How to publish a React Native component to NPM — it’s easier than you think

o you want to contribute to the open source community? That’s awesome! Helping to grow React Native’s fairly young ecosystem is great. When I decided to take on this task not long...
react native navigation

React Native Navigation V2 is Here!

React Native Navigation v2 is finally here with some great improvements, like a new architecture and API, and a couple of exciting new features: An option to specify on which screen you...
react native layout

The Full React Native Layout Cheat Sheet

As a newbie in React Native I found myself time after time going back to React Native layout docs, struggling to understand and master the difference between all the different props. justify vs align, relative vs absolute, items vs content, It...
react native animated

Animated Transition in React Native

Recently I’ve tried to get an inspiration for a next animation challenge. And here we go — created by Ivan Parfenov. I was curious if I am able to do this transition effect...

How to build a real-time todo app with React Native

A todo app touches on all the important parts of building any data-driven app, including the Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations. In this story I’ll be building a todo app with one of...
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Creating a Native Module in React Native

React Native Module What’s a Native Module? A native module is a set of javascript functions that are implemented natively for each platform (in our case...